Francesco Ciotola – Lux/From Imago Mundi Art

“The series Lux, from where this work comes, is a question mark over the visible world, or rather over what we perceive as visible. The field of the human visible, in fact, it is only a fraction of the radiation emitted by the light and precisely the radiation between 380nm and 760nm. We can therefore say that the light is something strongly related to our life and to the notion of perception of the world around us because its definition and its extent depend not only on objective physical quantities, but also on the visual system of the human being. This work is made entirely with a pinhole, an instrument which in my opinion is the most suitable for a metaphysical and, as a consequence, absolutely pure reading of the light. The pinhole camera produces blurry images, because in the absence of lenses the light rays reflected from the subject diverge and create small circles allowing the image to take shape only and exclusively by means of the light reflected from the subject”.